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About the photographers...

    It all began in 2008. A local Detroit artist named Erickson E. Kloock (aka eDOT) founded The Visual Arts Gallery as a way to showcase his portfolio. After a few successful years at Art Festivals and Exhibits, he desperately sought to expand his perspective. He wanted to experience all walks of life and explore different cultures in this great country. He packed the family up and left the hustle & bustle of Detroit. They moved to the desolate and big sky flatlands of North Dakota. From there, they relocated again to southwestern Pennsylvania. They fell in love with the vibrant and scenic hills that encompass the Pittsburgh area. Always having a love for taking pictures, his wife Jennifer Kloock (aka Jeni K) decided to pursue a career in photography. She attended the New York Institute of Photography and graduated in early 2016. After vacationing in Florida and the Caribbean several times, eDOT & Jeni K heard the oceans call and uprooted for one final move. Together they permanently planted their roots in the sandy shores near Cocoa Beach Florida. And "Sandy Roots Photography Studio & Art Gallery" was born. 

    Located in the historic Cocoa Village (just minutes from the beach), traditional photography services can be done in their professional studio or they can bring the studio to you.  They love to travel and offer services from Titusville to Palm Bay & Cocoa Beach to Orlando. So whether you want a private Boudoir shoot or a large generational Family photo session (their house or yours, at the beach or the farm) they can accommodate your needs. Wedding services are offered across the entire United States and Caribbean. They will travel almost anywhere to capture your special day.

    With influences from across the United States, eDOT and Jeni K created a unique and diverse gallery of artwork to represent their experiences. Their walls showcase coastal living, the urban grind, the heartland of the country and everything in-between. They have a wealth of perspective experience in all aspects of "american culture". Something for everyone. Stop by during business hours to see their unique art gallery located in south Cocoa Village, Florida. 

Meet the team

 Jeni K

  • Professional Photographer

  • Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography

  • Showcased in Captured::Pittsburgh outdoor gallery

  • Co-owner of Sandy Roots Photography Studio & Art Gallery

  • Member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

  • Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce member

  • Member of the Historic Cocoa Village Association


  • Professional artist

  • Published in the Detroit Metrotimes, Foreign Policy magazine (Nov 2011) and in an article from ShutterPhoto magazine.

  • Maintained an exhibit titled "tHE eDOT eXPERIENCE" located in Downtown Detroit.

  • Showcased in the GCH exhibit, Dally in the Alley, People Arts Festival, Wyandotte Street Art Festival and the Monroe Arts Fair

  • Founder of the Visual Arts Gallery and co-owner of Sandy Roots Photography Studio & Art Gallery.

    We know Life can be tough, we've experienced plenty of it's trials & tribulations. Looking back now, we truly appreciate the support we received from family and friends along the way. That's why we feel it's extremely important to help others, it's built into our business model and it's part of our passion. We are always involved in some sort of community support. Whether donating money or one of our services, we're here to help. On top of that, 25% of our monthly photography proceeds (in September) goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (O.C.R.A) to help find a cure. We also have a variety of Sandy Roots merchandise for sale year round; and 25% of it's proceeds also go to this fantastic organization. Click the OCRA logo to hear our personal story and relationship with this disease.

OCRA Fundraising

Creating art creates change